Let’s have some fun with AI created images and see how crazy or ridiculous they can get depending on the prompts and the progression of the instructions. Scroll down to see the pics’ hilarious progression. I will add images to this page as I make more (that I think are funny). I will also include the prompts used.

These are images created by ChatGPT DALL-E. These will also be in some way related to SEO.

Crazy SEO Guy

Prompt: create an image of a guy performing SEO tasks on a laptop

seo laptop guy

Prompt: make the guy more excited

happy seo guy

Prompt: make the guy even more excited about SEO

very crazy seo

Prompt: make the guy insanely excited about SEO

seo guy insane

Prompt: make the guy even more excited as if he is losing his mind about SEO

Don’t we all feel like that after getting great organic results, though? Even with image SEO?

Delivering Bad Organic Results To Clients

Prompt: create an image of a man and a woman telling a client that the client’s organic search results have decreased after major Google algorithm updates

google organic search results decline

Prompt: make all of the people sadder about the bad organic results

sad seo people google decrease

Prompt: make the people burst into tears because the results are down

crying seo people for bad results

Prompt: have the people throwing the laptop and things in the room because of the bad organic results

angry seos from google results

Prompt: make the people smash the laptop with sledgehammers because of the negative organic search results

angry seos
ai angry people from seo

Don’t we all feel that way at times after major Google updates?

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