Reddit, a vast and massive (cool) online forum, can be a valuable resource for information and discussion. And after recent Google algorithm updates like the helpful content update and other forum related updates, you may have noticed that Reddit shows up in a ton of search results on page 1.

But are you tired of seeing Reddit at the top of most of your Google searches?

Why Remove Reddit From Your Google Search Results?

Reddit may not always be the most relevant source for every search query and might not even answer your question you asked Google and can lead to more questions. That can be frustrating and annoying if a top result in Google SERPs doesn’t give an actual answer because the results are just a bunch of people asking the same question with no actual answers or you need to read through 100+ user posts to find an answer.

If you’d prefer to prioritize other sources in your Google results, here are some practical strategies to omit Reddit from search results.

Exclusion Operators

In my opinion, this is the best way to exclude Reddit from your Google search results.

Google’s search operators offer precise control. Adding to your search query excludes Reddit results entirely. For example, searching for best hiking trails near me focuses on official park websites or reputable travel blogs.

How To Remove Reddit In Google Search Results

Browser Extensions

Personal blocklist extensions like uBlacklist provide more permanent solutions. That one is for Chrome. Here is a similar app for Firefox: Personal Blocklist (not by Google)

These allow you to blacklist specific domains, including Reddit, ensuring they never appear in your Google searches.

Exploring Alternative Search Engines:

DuckDuckGo, which prioritizes privacy and avoids personalized search results, may offer a different perspective on your queries. This can be helpful when seeking information from diverse or less-represented viewpoints. There are many other search engine alternatives to choose from. Other search engines could potentially show Reddit in every top result, though.

This is why my initial suggestion is the best way (adding to your search query).

Refining Search Settings

Within Google Search Settings, adjust filters like “Hide explicit results” to minimize potentially sensitive content, often found on Reddit. This personalizes your search experience by focusing on more reliable sources.

Managing Your Reddit Footprint:

If controlling your own Reddit presence is your goal (like if you don’t want to see your own Reddit posts in Google search results), consider deleting unwanted posts or contacting moderators about removing problematic content. Additionally, Google’s Outdated Content Removal Tool and Legal Removal Request Tool can help remove outdated or privacy-violating content you own from Google search results.

Remember This When Removing Reddit From Search Results

While completely removing Reddit from Google is impossible, these strategies offer effective ways to minimize its visibility and prioritize other sources in your search results.

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