If you would like to submit a guest post article for me to publish, please send it to contact at  815SEO dot com. I will or won’t respond to your submission whether I decide to run it or not.

Thank you for all of your guest post submissions. However, I am no longer accepting or posting guest articles on this website.

I would prefer the article to be in a Word file format or just copy and paste the article directly into your email. Attach any photos you would like to include if necessary.

You can send me a pitch, or you can email a full article for me to read and review. If you want to email a full article, please be sure it follows the same structure as the other articles published on my website.

If you want to include some humor, that would be great. Make it easy to read. An article that bores me to death probably won’t be published.

And please, make sure you submit something that is a little different than other articles posted online. So don’t try to rewrite a Moz article and submit it to me. And I don’t really need an article about how important it is for businesses to have a blog on their website.

There’s already a million articles about that topic, so I don’t need one. I know you probably just want a backlink, so at least provide some meat on the bones and give me a reason to publish your article.

More About Links

If you include links within your guest blog post, be sure the links are actually helpful to readers and point to reliable and authority sources related to your article.

Author Bio

Please include a short author bio at the end of your submission—two or three sentences describing yourself. You can include one or two links within your author bio (they will be dofollow). These links can point to your business website, your blog, your Twitter account—or anything SEO related.

What I Ask in Return

I will not ask for money from you. I will not ask for a link back to my website from you. All I ask is that you share the article on social media after it is published. Tweet it, Like it, Instagram it, tell your friends and family, write a letter to your senator, whatever you want. If you’re happy with your work, you’d want to share it, right?

P.S. If you send a canned, generic, copy & pasted email talking about the high quality content you create (even though your email is in broken English), I won’t respond to your request. It’s very obvious when I get them. Try somewhere else. Thanks.

P.P.S. If you send me a canned, generic, copy & pasted email and I find it funny, I might post a screenshot of your email and make fun of you. Yes India, I am talking to you. I have a collection of terrible guest post outreach emails to make fun of because of this “write for us” page on my website.

Thanks for your interest in contributing content to my SEO blog. I look forward to your submissions.

Nicholas G
SEO Specialist and Blogger
Blog about SEO and bad backlinks.
Nicholas G
Nicholas G
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815seo is an SEO blog about good and bad backlinks.

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