If your WordPress blog is showing random numbers and letters at the end of your URLs/permalinks, you can follow these steps to easily remove it.

For example, if you visit your blog and the URLs change to something like example.com/super-awesome-blog-post/#.Vu3uBWP8rCA, here’s how to fix it.

This is Caused by the AddThis Plugin

If you have the AddThis plugin installed on your theme, navigate to the AddThis advanced settings. Just uncheck the Track address bar shares box and save. This should take care of your problem and fix your blog URLs to get rid of crap at the end like /#.Vu3uBWP8rCA.

addthis uncheck box address

If you do not have AddThis installed in your WordPress plugins, yet the Add This coding is still showing in your blog’s HTML, follow these steps. On the left side navigation, go to Appearance –> Editor. Then on the right side, click Single Post (single.php).

Find the line that says {“data_track_addressbar”:true}.   Click the image below to enlarge if needed.

add this plugin wordpress fix

In that line of code, just change true to false. Like this:

add this track address false

Just update the file and your weird URLs with random text and numbers will disappear.

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