An Open Letter to Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land

For the record, I love Search Engine Land. Barry Schwartz always provides excellent, up-to-date information about Google updates. He is a great source for people in the SEO industry to turn to for information. With that being said, this is sort of a tongue-in-cheek article.
matt cutts head of google search spam
Search Engine Land really loves addressing Matt Cutts as the head of Google’s search spam team. I’ve noticed it for a long time now. And it almost makes every post I read from SEL strange and jarring at first.


Almost every post from Search Engine Land that mentions Google also mentions and addresses Matt Cutts as Google’s head of search spam. I did a Google search for this term: Google’s head of search spam matt cutts

Here are some of the results, which only document the first four pages:

I even went all-out and clicked to page 17 of the results. They keep coming in…

head of search spam

I think by now, most people that are going to read an article on SEL are going to know who Matt Cutts is. Does he really need to be awkwardly introduced in every article as the head of Google’s search spam team? I don’t think so.

We all know who the guy is. Unless, maybe addressing the guy by his official job title will help us look awesome and improve our Google ranking? Again, I don’t think so.

matt cutts twitter account

So, Mr. Barry Schwartz, why so much Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts in your article introductions? Check out my guest post service to get high quality links.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land”

  1. Good question. Because SELand has a wider audience that might not know who he is. On Search Engine Roundtable, I rarely use his title or even that he works at Google, that site has a smaller more niche audience. But Search Engine Land gets a lot of newbies that may now know who he is.

    That is the only reason.

    Let me know if I responded fast enough.

  2. Hey Barry,

    Thanks for responding! I can’t believe you actually visited my small little website and took the time to comment. That’s awesome, thanks!

    What’s funny is that I just recently noticed you don’t mention his status much at all on SERoundtable. I was just reading a few of your articles on SELand a few days ago and it stuck out, so I decided to write something about it. All in good fun.

    I kind of figured your SELand audience draws more newbies and random casual readers, so that totally makes sense. And again, thanks for stopping by and commenting!

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