Matt Cutts is Full of Shit

RANT ALERT: Matt Cutts is full of shit. His webmaster videos and his tweets are full of shit. The head of search spam at Google tells webmasters one thing, then they display and show the complete opposite in their results because they only favor huge, authoritative domains, no matter how shitty and low quality the content is (cough cough, eHow, cough cough, wikiHow, cough cough cough).

Page Layout Algorithm Improvement

Remember back in early 2012 when Google announced they would rank sites lower in their search results if they had ads above the fold? Awesome, great news for users. We all hate ads. Now, remember how Matt Cutts recently tweeted that they implemented a refresh to that algorithm? Again, awesome. Great news for users.

Lets see how that “ads above the fold” update shaped up. Google’s search results should be much cleaner now and should display websites that feature great content and don’t have a lot of spammy ads above the fold. Right?

Quick Backstory

I was watching a show called Mystery Diners on the Food Network. It seemed hilariously staged and fake, and I wanted to confirm my assumption that the show is possibly a fake reality show. Turns out, I’m not the only one making that assumption. So I Googled the term “mystery diners fake”.

Here is the top result:

mystery diners is fake

Nice! Looks like is the go-to source for the info I wanted. Lets check out the high quality source Google gave me…

spam radar online

Damn! I had to scroll down through ads and related articles to read the actual article I wanted to see, which is full of more ads and bullshit. Thanks for sending me to an authoritative domain and ad heavy website, Google. OMG DOMAIN AUTHORITY! Who cares about actual good and unique content, lets focus on displaying huge domains with shit content.

Lets check out another top Google result for that search:

examiner ads example

Uhhh, more ads. Ads that take full control of your screen when you click the Google result. is guilty of this tactic (see below), and Google loves to reward pages because of the domain authority.

So, once you get past that full page ad, hoping for the content you wanted Google to display, you get this..

examiner ad 2

More ads above the fold on an authority domain. Again, I have to scroll down the page to find the content I was originally looking for. Thanks to the Matt Cutts spam team.

Hey Matt, since you’re all about the user experience and ranking sites higher with great content, tell me how amazing your user experience is here (content that Google rewards):

And yeah, in my example, there is also a duplicate content issue on those domains. But Google doesn’t seem to mind since they love showing authority domains.

I Am Not Alone

I have friends that are not involved in SEO, and they complain about the awful results Google gives them. Too many ads, no real results.

And all this time, we are fed with crap like this video of Matt Cutts telling everyone to just create a great user experience with amazing content. To me, ads popping up and the need to scroll down a page to view the content is not exactly quality or a great user experience.

And I’ve seen these types of results with many other kinds of searches. Here’s a result on the first page for how to make money, a highly competitive keyword phrase:

forbes ads


Advertisement page, which then leads to this:


make money forbes

More ads above the fold. But since Forbes is such an authority domain, I guess they can get around the alleged “ads above the fold” updates.

I may add more examples to this post as I notice them.

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