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Are you sick of doing guest post outreach? Are you reading articles about guest posting but not getting the results those articles promise? Do you hate the amount of time guest post services take?

You’ve found the right place. Pricing is at the bottom of this page

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I am an independent SEO specialist and I have been in the guest post game since 2012. I know success and I also know the pains of the process. Guest post outreach for link building can suck. Doing email outreach with the goal of getting contextual dofollow backlinks on relevant domains can suck.

I am here to make it simple for you at a great price.

Please read my details carefully, especially if you are comparing different guest post services.

Other Guest Blogging Services for Link Building

I have seen other services that offer done-for-you white-hat guest post backlinks. They are great and probably do a great job.

However, they still charge more money for “high domain authority backlinks”. So a DA10 link is fairly cheap, and a DA30 link is more expensive.

Guest Posting Service

FYI, Google doesn’t factor Moz’s DA into their algorithm so websites claiming that higher DA links are better are bullshitting you. Those websites are using a made up metric to make more money.

Guest Blogging

I don’t care that much about Moz’s domain authority. I care about the relevance and health of the linking domain.

Relevance is what matters in the eyes of Google. Not DA. Also, the links I get are dofollow.

moz da domain authority

Guest Post Service, More Promises

  • They claim to spend a bunch of time and do all this research and use a team of experts who do quality checking of the possible linking domain. I can do that in less than a minute.
  • They claim to do manual guest post outreach. That means they are probably scraping Google results with modified searches with industry keywords, taking shots in the dark by contacting websites hoping someone responds to their guest post outreach email (that’s why it takes so long).
  • They claim to have a quality team of professional industry specific writers to write the content for your backlink. That just means they probably use an outsourced content writing service and they pick the category closest to your niche for a random writer to pick up and write about the topic.
  • They claim to do quality control of the content they are going to submit as a guest post. That means they put the content in a Word doc and check for red underlined words and look at the word count number. Not that difficult to do.

Up-selling White Hat Links

Many white hat guest post backlink services and link posting partners use language like that to make it seem like they are doing tons of work so you feel like you get your money’s worth once it’s posted. That is just up-selling language from the blogger outreach services.

Guest Blog Post Service

I just get you the dofollow link you want within the content of the article. I don’t get you the dreaded author bio by-line link to your homepage underneath the article that no one ever sees or clicks.

You might be thinking…

What Advantage Do I Have Using 815 SEO for Guest Post Backlinks and Guest Posting Services?

Again, I get it. Contextual backlinks are a bitch to get. But if you choose me, I will get you…

  1. Your control of your link placement
  2. Your control of the article title
  3. Your control of the link anchor text (commercial, branded, mixed, whatever you want)
  4. Your backlink on a relevant healthy Google indexed website
  5. Your guest post indexed in Google after the article is published so Google crawls your backlink quickly

What Can I Do for You and Your Link Building Efforts?

  • If you have an article already written with your backlink in the content, I will get it posted on a healthy relevant website and indexed for $40.
  • If you don’t have an article and want one written (appx. 525 words), I can get an article written for you. Just give me the topic and title and anchor text and URL you want the link pointing to and I’ll get the article written and posted and indexed for $60.
  • If you want the full package that I can offer, I will get an article written, posted on a relevant domain, indexed in Google, and then get a 40 backlink tier 2 link boost to your guest post for $75.

Industry Backlink Specialties for White Hat Blogger Outreach

Here are the industries I specialize in for your backlinks. And search engines like Google love white hat links.

  • Automotive
  • Dating
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • General Business
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home Improvement
  • Law
  • Pets & Animals
  • Real Estate
  • SEO
  • Shopping
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • Travel

This should be obvious, but no porn, casino, gambling, malware, Viagra/Cialis type of websites allowed.

You have the blog post ready.
Your written article with backlink anchor text posted on a relevant domain.
Article indexed in Google after publication.
Buy This Plan
You Need an Article Written and a 40+ Backlink Boost
Unique 500+ word article written for you based on your keyword topic title.
Your choice of anchor text for the backlink.
Article indexed in Google after publication.
40+ backlinks to your guest post to boost the authority of your backlink.
Buy This Plan

Premium Guest Post Blogging

I don’t do black hat SEO. I do contextual link building. Pick an SEO package and get your contextual link on a real site with quality content.

Brand Awareness with Quality Guest Posting

If you are looking to build brand awareness with quality guest posting and improve your online marketing efforts on a relevant industry blog, let me get you a quality link.

Buy Guest Posting Service

The turnaround time is fairly quick and reasonable compared to other services and it is editorially linked. I also only use quality writing. You will be happy to share your backlink on social media.

What This Service is NOT

  • Link profiles
  • Web design
  • Graphic design
  • Technical SEO
  • Directory submission
  • Affiliate program
  • Social bookmarking
  • Local SEO
  • Article submissions
  • Site Optimization
  • Keyword research
  • Blog commenting
  • Learn SEO

Guest Posting Requirements

I have years of experience targeting sites and target blogs to build links, using my guest posting process to boost your search engine ranking.

Guest Post Site and Blog Network

I use my research tools to find the best guest post site to post quality articles with quality assurance. I build links for you for your site optimization with contextual link building and my research tools with white hat SEO (no black hat SEO).

Guest Post Service



  1. Ronson

    Good turnaround on my guest post blog. Only took a few days vs. sometimes weeks dealing with blog editors.

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    I got a good link on a very relevant website. Good DA.

  3. trinidad

    Guest posting is so frustrating!!! people just don’t respond sometimes even if i sent content!!

  4. Ronny

    Do I get to select a site before you get the blog posted? What links and how many can I include? Or do you just choose a site and I get what I get?

  5. JOC

    This is interesting. I think it’s funny that people still outsource their SEO to foreign companies that still do directory submissions and social bookmarking.

  6. Becca

    guest posting outreach can take so long sometimes, i don’t really see how this would be any different from me emailing relevant websites to see if i could submit content.

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    Powerful In-Content Links

    These links are as good as it gets! We only publish on 100% real sites and we ensure that the content is well written and unique.

    Through our manual outreach and well trained content creation team, these are links that you normally can’t buy. These can only be earned through quality writing and manual outreach.

    The content created is made specifically for the site that we will be posting on as to tailor it to the audience of that particular site. These are not SEO focused articles and they are written to provide value to the readers of the particular site we’re posting to.

  9. Gaurav Gupta

    Guest posting is the best way to increase your ranking and DA(Domain Authority)… you explain very well keep it up the good work

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